Important tips for maintenance of your smart LED, LCD & Plasma TV

Important tips for maintenance of your smart LED, LCD & Plasma TV

In this technological world, our normal HD TV is now becoming smart TV with the latest and advance technology. We enjoy watching our favourite channels and series with latest and smart features. Not only this but smart TV have all advance technology, wherein you can play games. Watch the news and even you can connect your mobile with your TV. And download the latest apps and games on this big screen.

The most recent ones and updated LED, LCD TV has great picture quality and sound. So at your home itself, you can enjoy a world-class entertainment experience. If this LED LCD TV is facing any issue, then this can really upset us. We start searching for the led tv repair shop. This is the reason you should have your LED TVs working without any fault in it. So for the smooth working of your LED TV, certain tips are significant. That you need to follow to protect your smart TV. Let us see what they are:

Use microfiber fabric

As we clean our surrounding we also need to clean our smart TV regularly. If we avoid dusting our LED, LCD TV then accumulated dust can damage our smart TV. So make sure that dust is not accumulated around your LED, LCD TV. But make sure that you use the microfiber cloth for cleaning your TV. These are easily available in any of the hardware store or supermarkets and are not much costly. This cloth material will not harm your electronic equipment and will remove all the dust from your objects.  Avoid cleaning with liquid solutions.

Alter and adjust brightness of your LED, LCD TV 

You need to know that LED TVs have white lights or RGB lights. These might diminish after some time. When they begin to dim, that is the sign of a forthcoming finish of a lifespan of TV. You could hence do one thing to protect this, lower down the brightness of your TV. Most often we adjust our TV to the highest setting so that the screen looks bright. But this has a negative influence on the life span of your smart LED, LCD or Plasma TV. So lowering the brightness of your TV can help you to increase the life span of your smart TV

Alter and Adjust contrast of your TV

Along with Brightness, contrast levels also need to be lower down. Contrast is the difference between the darkest colour and the brightest colour. The higher the difference level the more is the power consumption. And this can have an adverse effect on the life span of your smart LED TV or LCD TV. You should take note of that most TVs have the “Standard” or “movie” settings. It is best you settle on these settings since these modes save more power.

Avoid using liquid chemicals for cleaning your LED LCD TV

Liquid solutions can cause damage while cleaning your LED, LCD, and Plasma TV. It is because these solutions contain some sort of chemicals which will harm your smart TV. And can cost you much when you opt for repairing of TV. So avoid using any of the liquid solutions like Colin etc., for cleaning. Especially avoid these chemicals on the monitor of your TV. As these damages are often permanent and sometimes cannot be repaired. Hence wipe out the dust instead of using liquid solutions.

We hope that the following tips will help you with the maintenance of your smart LED, LCD and Plasma TV. If you face any issue with your smart TV make sure that you get a solution from experts. Pristine Services is one of the best LED TV repair service centres in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad. We have four branches in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad , also our team of technicians are experts in this field. So call and contact us if you need to repair smart TV.

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