LED, LCD TVs Top 5 problems

LED, LCD TVs Top 5 problems

1- Dead TV problem
2- No display but sound is ok problem
3- No sound but display is ok
4- Display on for some time
5- Stuck ON logo problem

1- Dead TV problem

Dead TV is related to the power supply. In this case, most often the power supply unit present inside your smart TV has some issues. This is the sole component receiving current and sending this to all the components of LED, LCD TV.  This unit of power supply develops this issue due to a sudden surge in your input power supply. Generally in this case the capacitor on your power supply board fails. If you open your smart LED TV and disassemble the LED TV, you can detect this issue. You could easily verify this issue by spotting a bulging or leakage capacitor.

Smart LED, LCD TV has advanced components and generally, this problem arises in these smart TVs. Also, repair for this issue is fairly quick and simple. It is recommended to find a tv repair service with a skilled technician as it requires soldering skills. People are always confused which is the best “LED Tv repair near me” or “Tv repair shops near me”.

We have the best solution for all “PRISTINE SERVICES”. This is one of the best Tv repair service with all type LED tv repair. We provide Lg led Tv repair, sony led tv repair, Samsung led tv repair. Along with this also, you can check the power supply. If you are using an adapter for supplying power then check your adapter. If your input is 230v then check that input signal.
2- No Display but sound is ok of your smart LED LCD TVs

Smart TV has backlights that may dysfunction and cause this issue. These backlights may have defective LEDs or the strip of LED that gives “backlight” for pictures. A simple flashlight test is helpful to confirm this issue.

i – Just turn on the flashlight, turn on your TV and point this flashlight on your smart TV. Hold at an angle and you should see the picture on your TV screen. By doing this you will get to know that the panel is working and the backlight is not.
ii – Another reason for this can be the “T-Con “board or image processing is not working properly. This can be a separate board or part of your mainboard.

iii – Sometimes you need to check the power supply for the backlight. This can also cause this issue.
iv – There is also a 10% chance that the panel itself has failed too. But this is rare.

Generally, 1 & 3 reasons are common and these can be easily fixed without too much cost. Some repair shops will replace these boards or strips and some shops can repair these strips and boards. Replacing the part can go a bit costly than repairing the part. Your cost will vary following what the repair shop will do to repair this problem.

If your Tv is under warranty then you have many options for a different brand. Go for sony led tv service center, Lg led tv service center, Samsung led tv service center. Vu service center near you. If you have any of these then the above options are best for your smart LED Tv repair. This too with minimum or no cost.

If your LED, LCD tv is out of warranty then find for the best service center nearby. Pristine Services provide our best services for all branded tv. Also We give 90 days of warranty after repair and we have a tie-up with big companies. We use only genuine parts.
No sound but the display is ok

Sometimes LED, LCD tv face issue with sound but the display is working then this problem is related to sound system. Check the speakers. If the issue is not with the speaker then other reason could be with the audio IC. When audio IC get damaged or not getting power supply in the audio IC then your sound may go off. In this case, check your input power supply or change your audio IC.

Even after doing this also, the sound is not working then your microprocessor i.e. main IC audio section faulty. But the video section is working, in this case, you can modify and install the sound kit. We advise to search for an expert in this field.

Display on for some time and goes blank automatically

Sometimes when you turn on your smart TV the display of the TV is on for some time. Generally 5 min and then it goes off automatically. This can happen due to software problems or power supply problems. We can detect this problem after proper checking. If the problem continues then call the expert in this field to solve this issue. Stuck ON logo Problem
This problem generally exists in smart TVs, 4K TV, or full HD TVs and relates to the software issue. In this case, there is no issue with any of your internal components.

This problem can be repaired by some of the below mentioned possible solutions.
1-      Unplug your TV and replug your TV after some time in on the condition
2-      Check for the menu screen, and on the menu screen check for the reset option.
3-      If the problem is still exists even after this then you need to install the software. We can install this software through a programmer or through USB or any other feasible way.
4-      Call the technician near you who can solve this problem easily.
Prefer calling 4k led repair service center “Pristine services” for led tv repairs. This service center will provide the best-led tv repair service. We are present in the top 5 Pune led service center.

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