Most Common Problems Occurred In Smart Android TV

Smart Android TV might be the future of television for many, but Android TVs still have some drawbacks, but it’s not a big problem at all, we can easily rectify them and easily repair them. In this blog, we will discuss the most common problem occurred with TVs. We will discuss each problem in detail with appropriate solutions

  1. WIFI Connectivity

 This problem is one of the most issues occurred on tv there are lots of facts behind it but one of the most common problems is the distance between Android Tv and WIFI. Ideally, you should keep your TV and wifi as close as possible so that it will be in the range of Wifi but still also if it’s not working and If you are experiencing WIFI issues, follow these steps.

a) Date And Time Settings- Open the settings or Gear icon in the top right corner to access the date and time settings

b) Then Go to the Device Preferences

c) Then Go to the date and time section and select Automatic Date and Time

d) For this make sure that you select “Use The Network Provide Time”

e) The easiest way to reset WIFI is to turn off the router power supply for two to three minutes and then turn it back on.

f) Router Setting- If your WIFI doesn’t appear in your TV then you need to adjust your router

Take advantage of wifi networks on your smartphone or computer

1 )Input the IP address of your router on the browser

2) Check Your SSID Broadcast setting whether it is ON or OFF is usually found under the wireless section.

3 )Make It On so that your WIFI network is detectable.


Modern TV will support both 2.5GHz and 5GHz also latest router will support both frequencies if your TV doesn’t support 5GHz frequencies then you will need to change your bandwidth, to ensure that your tv will support both bandwidths following steps must be used

a) To enable both bandwidth channels, open the WIFI wireless setting.

b) You must have to ensure that your TVs will support both frequencies but 5GHz frequency is much better to avoid congestion.


If you are using your mobile hotspots for your TVs then it must occur “No connection” due to the data saver setting for operating your TV on your mobile Hotspots you must have to disable the data saver setting which will be given in the setting menu under Internet and network.

4) Factory Reset

Android TV can only be restored/reset using this method. There are 2 kinds of reset options available for Android TV Soft Reset and Hard Reset.

  1. For Soft Reset

1) Go to the setting menu and search for storage and reset the menu under the device.

2) Select the factory data to reset settings and erase everything

3) Your TV erases all the data from the past to till the end and its totally become a new device.

       b)  For Hard Reset

1) Unplug your TV and press and hold the reset  button which is located at the bottom of the TV

2) While holding the reset button plug on your TV until it will get the Google browser on your screen.

3) To switch to recovery mode, press the reset button on the Boot Option.

4) Again press and hold the reset button until you will get the android Mascot with a red Exclamatory mark.

5) Again Press and hold the reset button for 2 seconds so you will get pop up menu

6) You will be prompted to wipe your data/reset the device to factory settings once you press the reset button.

7) Select Wipe data/Factor reset to wipe all the data and your tv will return to a brand new state.

2) The Android TV shows pixelated videos

Sometimes your videos streamed on your Android TV appear in a pixelated format which means streaming video quality is poor or blurred.

1) This may be happened due to a lack of internet browsing speed for HD Quality it requires 5 Mbps speed and for 4K it required 25 Mbps

2) If your internet speed not met this expectation then your streaming apps will automatically try to adjust it according to your data speed but the video quality may be degraded.

3) To resolve it you must have to disconnect all other devices to your wifi so that it is only devoted to your streaming.    

3) Google Play Store App Crashed

Google Play store crashes or stops working during app downloads or other functions. The App menu setting must be accessed to fix this.

a) You can open the Google Play store’s settings by searching for it

b) Then clear the cache if it does not happen

c) Then restart your TV and checked whether it is working or not 

4) Netfilx Won’t Stream In 4K

Basically, there are two main reasons behind Netflix not streaming in 4K quality.

a)     Your Internet Speed– Check your Internet speed whether it supports 4K HD content because Netflix automatically adjusts the buffering speed according to your data streaming speed. Ask your ISP about streaming 4K videos.

b)    Selected 4K TV support Netflix 4K streaming- The main behind Netflix is that it supports limited 4K TVs like Sony A8H. If your TV does not support Netflix it means it does not support 4K Streaming.

        c)     In the worst case you need to do a factory Reset

5) Android TV is Working Slow

It happened a lot of time when you are operating some Apps or function on your TV or buffering takes a lot of time for that you need to clear the cache sometime due to cache your internal memory occupied unnecessary space and make your device so sluggish. You can overcome this problem by clearing your junk files

Remote Control Problem-  sometimes your TV performance may be reduced due to the remote. To check whether your Remote is the culprit or not you need to follow the steps

a) Download remote control App on your smartphone there are a lot of good apps which is free of cost available in the google play store, you can download them and check if it working or not if your TV operates all apps properly then your remote is the culprit for your TV.

b) Replacing batteries may contour this problem.

6) The Android TV can be automatically turned off at any time

If your TV turns off at a random time this may cause due to a screensaver setting, please ensure that turn off this option it will be given in the Device option or screen saver menu in the setting section. Along with that also check the timer setting of your TV and turn it OFF. If it is still not working try to do the Factory reset setting. If still not working then there is a possibility of faulty components in your TV and need to repair/Service it.

7) Poor or No Audio

If you notice some sound problems such as weak sound or no sound, you can restart your TV. Unplug all the connections of your tv from the power source. If you are using an android box then unplug it from the power adapter, restart your TV by using a remote and hold the power button until the pop-up menu not appears, if still not working try a factory restore setting. Afterwards, if it is still malfunctioning, there might be damage to internal components, which needs to be repaired, In Pune, pristine services also sells new smart android TVs and projectors as well. A well-known company that specializes in repairing smart TVs and projectors, in pristine services All electronic devices can be repaired by us at one place..

8) Using Smart Android TVs: Pros and Cons

 1) Advantages Of Smart Android TV

a) Android TV offers you a wide range of apps and accessibility you can explore more and more options and gives you high-resolution HD quality. If your TV is not android then by using Android Box you can make your ordinary TV into a smart TV.

      b) The Google Play Store is accessible from there

      c) It also integrated with the Google Chromecast feature

  2) Disadvantages Of Smart Android TV

a)  It may take some time to start due to the booting process just like computers.

b) It may be sluggish due to a lot of things running in the background of your TV just like your mobile phones.

 c) It is possible for your smart android television to be infected with viruses and bugs.

Conclusion:-  As in this article, we try to cover up all the problems or errors which occurred in smart android tv along with its resolving methods. By using android tv you will get the same experiences that will you get on your smart android phone only difference is of the screen size smartphone screen is small and the tv screen is big, so it’s best for online classes or enjoying TV time with your family. All devices have some pros and cons like it has to it’s your choice which you want to suitable for your need.

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