Smart Tv – What you need to know

Smart Tv
  • What Does Smart Tv Mean?

A smart TV offers a number of “internet connected services” that normal televisions can’t offer. It has the equivalent of a computer built into it, giving you a greater number of services. These televisions offer apps, media streaming, web browsing, games and, perhaps most importantly, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). 
  • Why Do We Need Smart Tv?

 Smart TVs have plenty of  features,  Just as Personal Video Recorders (PVRs)  which have introduced with them the idea of “time shifting” -where you no longer had to watch a program when it was aired .
Not only that, but smart TVs use a system called DLNA that lets you stream media from computers or phones to your TV. If you currently download a lot of video or music from the net, then the right smart TV can access that content directly without you having to copy it onto a disk or USB stick!
  •  What Can I Do On A Smart Tv?

A smart TV is a lot like a computer. It enables you to browse the web, watch YouTube and catch up on social networking. 
However, as the category is new, there are inevitably features that will come and go. For example, how many people will use Facebook – which to many is a private activity -on a TV in front of their family when they can easily use a laptop in front of the TV?
To us, the most exciting capability of smart TV is the ability to watch video on demand. At the moment, you can watch catch-up TV from ABC iView, SBS and Plus 7. On most TVs you’ll also find dozens of specialty channels offering surfing, football, music and almost anything else you can imagine.

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