The latest technology in smart TVs, Is it available In India?

Television technology has undergone a major transformation in recent years. There are lots of technologies that came up in recent years like QLED, OLED, webOS, Android OS, Ulta HD’s,  4K-8K tv’s which make your decision tough.

With the arrival of smart TVs, users now decide what they want to watch, when they want to watch, Recording serials, and much more. In this post, we will discuss the latest technology in the TV sector, how it changed the viewing experiences enormously? Is it available in India?

8K: Future Of The HD television

Over the years, the resolution has been playing a major role in the improvements in TVs. It drastically evolved from HD to 8K. let’s take a brief look at how to resolution changes over these years.

The first-come HD TVs or High Definition TVs have a resolution of 1280X720 ie 1280 horizontal pixels and 720 vertical pixels. Pixels are the smallest unit of the dot which changes their color according to the content. With the arrival of big-screen like 5o” and so on this pixel resolution has become outdated. It looks so grainy and distorted pictures on such a big screen.

Above HD in Full HD, you can expect bare minimum resolution in new and Big Screen LED’s Tv. Its resolution of 1920X 1080 pixels. After that Full HD technology was suppressed by 4K technology with a resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels. Technically 4K resolution is truly 4000+ pixels horizontally but it is used only for cinema setup and not for ordinary or General purpose tvs. You will notice that on the consumer’s basis vertical pixels is the same I.e 2160px only horizontal pixels are cut down by 256 pixels because the TV has an aspect ratio of 16:9, to meet these criteria, horizontal pixels are cut down by 256px.

TVs with 8K resolution come out. If you are a techy geek you will notice that it’s not again 8K(8000px) it’s less than 8K but that’s how marketing strategies work. To enjoy the 8K resolution, the screen size should not be less than 55′. 8K TVs are truly premier and manufactured only by reputed brands like LG, SONY, SAMSUNG, AND PANASONIC, especially in India. Before you decide to buy the 8K bandwagon, you need to be aware that very few shows provide 8K content, in fact, 4K content is still not so common in India, Only Netflix shoot 8K resolution videos.

QLED Vs OLED, Which one is better?

Two Technologies revolutionized in-display i.e QLED and OLED. If you are a techy geek you will know that QLED is actually New display technology whereas OLED is the upgrade version of existing LED displays technology (LCD display with LED backlight).

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. OLED it’s having organic material which glows when the current passes through them. The main difference between LED and OLED is that OLED glows individual pixels which gives the greatest contrast and excellent color while ordinary LED Glow Full Panel.  With OLED it discovers true blacks as the pixels turn off completely which is not possible in ordinary LED TVs.

LG is the precursor of OLED tvs. It’s supplying OLED to other brands like SONY, PANASONIC, Philips, etc.

OLEDs are 1000 times faster than LEDs and they would not be getting blurred with fast-moving images. If you want true color and perfects blacks with high contrast images then definitely go for OLED as it emits 1000 nits but it is less than QLED. QLED displays 2000 nits.

The major drawback of OLED is that color burns. If you watch a TV channel or content which has static images like a logo then due to overheating it burn your screen. Burning of the screen is occurred due to the statics element being continuously watched for hundreds of hours. 

another major drawback in QLED and OLED TVs is that due to the slim body it’s they merge the main screen and back panel hence only power supply issues can be solved or repairable but another problem that occurred in  TV’s repair services is not repairable

Samsung is the only brand which not deal with OLED technology, Maybe it is not convinced by it unless it discovered its own QLED technology.

QLED stands for Quantum dots LEDs that are nano-sized semiconductors crystals. They have good light absorption and emitting capacity which gives you vibrant pictures. QLED gives you 2000 nits which give you very sharp pictures as compared to OLED, this means no matter how bright your room is, you can still enjoy the pictures without compromising its quality.


So we cover up all the latest technologies in TV sectors. If you want contrast Images then go for the OLED, QLED surprised OLED and gives you sharp picture quality and durability as compared to OLED. In India, Andriod TV is in the Boom hence so many companies like Motorola, Mi, TCL, OnePlus, RealMe, Thomson, and Sony provide android tv. Only LG and Samsung stick with their own TV OS, like webOS and Tizen OS. If you are looking for the latest technology then definitely go for QLED and OLED both are good and it all depends on your budget which should be bought.

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